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Commercial Murals

We can promise that your mural will be incredibly detailed regardless of it's size. The size will never determine the level of complexity we are willing to paint. Our knowledge and skill with color theory and paint mixing reduces the cost of materials for murals without sacrificing any colors. Depending on the size, we will utilize digital artwork and projectors to ensure there is no wall too large and no design too ambitious.

Our use of technology also ensures that your mural will turn out exactly as planned.

The 307 Mural in Hulett Wyoming

307 Mercantile Mural

This mural is 28ft x16ft. It was digitally designed and installed for the Mercantile 307 in Hulett Wyoming.

Painted with Behrpaint Premium Plus Exterior paint in flat finish for the entire project.

Skills for Efficiency 

Our ability to mix large quantities of paint with color matching accuracy means more colors per gallon of paint purchased.


The Mercantile 307 Mural has a vibrant scheme of 15 different colors all mixed from primary colors.


My knowledge of color theory provides complex palettes and variations that never fail to inspire.

Mercanitile 307 Mural in Hulett Wyoming

Process of the 307 Mural

From Digital Concept to Physical Realization

Grand Teton NP Mural

This mural was done for Snake River Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is 7ft x 4ft. 

This mural is 100% freehand. The galaxy background is spray paint, but each star was dotted individually with the handle-end of a brush (as opposed to the typical splatter paint for this style) to bring shape and movement to the mural. The techniques I use depend on the vision we are trying to create. I'm cultured in mixed media and often find myself mixing multiple techniques, styles and materials to reach the vision. This flexibility and experience has always made my work unique.

Teton NP Mural for Snake River Park

Grand Teton NP Mural

Here is a time lapse video of this painting being created. 

Tipi Murals

We've painted 3 tipis for Devils Tower Tipi Camping in Devils Tower, Wyoming. Two 14ft Tipis and one 16ft Tipi.

These were strangely shaped canvases that required careful measuring and hand drawn guidelines to ensure the patterns would line up on both sides of the tipi door.


These were digitally designed in the planning phase but were 100% freehand when brought to realization

Tipi Design #1

Process of the Grand Teton MP Mural

Here is a time lapse video of this mural being created. 

Process of the Tipi Murals

Digitally planned, materialized freehand

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